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"Kyosushi" is a word which abbreviates the phrase "Kyoto-style sushi".
Since Kyoto is a city located on the inland, people in Kyoto in olden days were not able to eat raw fish.

Consequently, they had to develop their own different kinds of sushi, using marinated fish, cooked fish, vegetables, and other materials.  This type of sushi is what is now referred to as kyosushi.

In kyosushi, the sushi rice is already flavored, so people don't usually add soy sauce to it when they eat it.

Nowadays, however, because of modern transport innovations, kyosushi restaurants can get better materials, and prepare their food in traditional styles.

This restaurant "Suehiro" was founded about 170 years ago, during the Edo period, and has been handed down for generations.

Suehiro boasts its elaborate "Jo-chirashi" - price 1700JPY.

The prefix "Jo" means upper grade.  Although this restaurant also has "Nami-chirashi" or "regular chirashi", I definitely recommend "Jo-chirashi".

Box of "Jo-chirashi"


At the time of this writing, the ingredients included are stewed shiitake-mushroom, grilled conger eel, marinated fish, boiled shrimp, bamboo shoots, and so on.
Bamboo shoots are one of Kyoto's seasonal foods in spring.
The thin yellow strings under the ingredients are sliced grilled egg.  And underneath those is the sushi rice.

These ingredients vary slightly, according to their availability.

You can't make a reservation at this restaurant because it is very small place with only seven seats.

If you do not wish to wait in line in front of the restaurant, I recommend you avoid their busy lunchtime hours.
You can also ask them for a take-out .  I'd say a good choice is to order a boxed lunch to go.
Just say, " Mochikaeri de, Jo-chirashi", to take away with you.

Narrow tables


If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he’ll have no trouble taking you to this diner.

Taxi fare will be:
1200JPY from Kyoto station
1040JPY from the Kiyomizu temple.
The above prices are just my approximate guess.



Open 11:00~19:00(L.O.)

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