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Traditional Japanese cuisines don't have a lot of beef or pork, since most Japanese in olden days preferred not to eat any four-legged animals.  However, if you feel like eating meat, sukiyaki (beef) is one of the best choices!

This restaurant 'Kimura' provides sukiyaki at reasonable prices, although you have to cook it on your own.

After entering the restaurant, take off your shoes, and go upstairs.
The inside of the room has a traditional tatami mat floor, and low tables are placed on the tatami.

A water pitcher and gas burner are already prepared.

My wife and I ordered "tender beef sukiyaki" (price - 3000 JPY) for 2 persons, and a bowl of rice.
They have two types of beef, regular and tender.
The price of regular sukiyaki is 2900 JPY.

A server brings ingredients.

As you can see from this photo above, the meat has a marble pattern on it.
Japanese people thought this type of meat resembles frost ... therefore, this type of beef is called "shimofuri" in Japanese.
Actually, this marbled pattern on the meat is proof of good quality.
The white powder on the small dish is sugar, and the white curd next to it is beef fat to be used for greasing the pan.

Below you can see tofu, vegetables, and konyaku noodles.

Although you have to cook the sukiyaki by yourself, there is nothing to worry about.  Cooking instructions are available in English.

Doing your own cooking for this type of dish is common in Japan.  Even if you visited a classy restaurant, they would cook the food only in the beginning.  After that, you would be expected to take over.

We followed their recipe.  Here's how:
Light the stove, spread the fat on the pan, and put in the vegetables.

Cover the vegetables with beef and sprinkle on some sugar.

Pour on some sauce, and wait for a while.

Move the beef to the sides of the pan, and you are ready to start eating.

There are four factors to cooking tasty sukiyaki, controlling the strength of the fire, adding the sugar, adding sauce, and adding water.
When the food becomes too salty or strong, simply pour in some more water.

You can order additional egg (price - 50 JPY ), sauce ( 30 JPY ), and sugar ( 30 JPY ).

In my opinion, it is very easy for anyone to cook a delicious meal, using their sauce and sugar.

After the food is ready, pick up the ingredients with your chopsticks and dip them into beatened egg.

We found this to be a very tasty and enjoyable meal!

Finally, we can make a nice rice porridge using the remaining soup in the bottom of the pan, which has absorbed the tastes of various ingredients.

Pour your bowl of rice into the pan.

It's similar to making fried rice.

This was very tasty. I guess rice has a natural tendency to absorb delicious flavors.

Since this restaurant is in a shopping mall, you can go only as far as the entrance of the mall by taxi.
After entering the mall from Shijo Street, walk north about 100m along Teramachi street.  You'll find this restaurant on your left side.
If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he'll have no trouble taking you to the shopping mall.

Taxi fare will be:

1040JPY  from the Kyoto Station.
1040JPY from The the Kiyomizudera temple.

The above prices are just my approximate guess.



Tel: 075-231-0002
Open 12:00~21:00
Closed on Mondays

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