【Kaiseki】 Kinobu 【one of the best Ryotei】

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Throughout its long history, Kyoto's cuisine has continually developed for court feasting and meals which are served in a proper tea ceremony.
Today, this type of meal which I'm describing is called "kaiseki".  It is a type of multi-course menu, and I encourage you to give it a try while you are in Kyoto.

If you visit a "ryotei" (traditional high-class Japanese restaurant) in the evening for dinner, this type of meal is quite expensive.
For having lunch at this restaurant, however, it is still affordable.

I visited here June of 2011, and ordered "mini-kaiseki"-price 5000JPY. It consists of 9 dishes.

1. Goma-tofu with ikura (salmon roe )
   Goma-tofu literally means "sesame-tofu", but it's not really tofu. The curd is made from powdered arrowroot.

2. Tsukuri or Sashimi
   At this time, there were three kinds of fish ( sea bream, tuna, and squid ).

3. Broth with conger myriaster, burdock root, and winter melon.

4. Steamed rice with red sea bream, and lily root.
   This is an original recipe of this restaurant, developed by the present owner and chef who is a third generation proprietor of the restaurant.

5. Udon noodles, with mozuku-seaweed and sea urchin.

6. Tempura ( shrimp covered with shredded potato, fish, and corn )

7. Ginger rice

8. Watermelon pickled with sake lee and pickled cucumber.

9. Six kinds of dessert.

The dessert is amazingly sophisticated.  The center of the upper side is a coffee flavored bavarois.
The lower left is a Japanese sweet "mizuyoukan" made of red beans.  This mizuyoukan is delicious and not too sweet.
The next is watermelon jelly - it's juicy and nice.
The lower right is also a Japanese sweet "warabimochi", made of bracken starch and covered with kinako ( toasted soybean flour ). It has a very unique texture.  Almost all Japanese like this sweet, although some foreigners don' t take to it right away.

Please make a reservation.  This restaurant is very popular and loved by the people of Kyoto.
When relatives get together to hold a Buddhist memorial service, for example, after the service many people choose to come to this restaurant for a banquet.

If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he’ll have no trouble taking you to this restaurant.

Taxi fare will be:
960JPY from Kyoto station,
880JPY from the Kiyomizu temple.
The above prices are just my approximate guess.

Kinobu 075-352-0001
Closed irregularly
Open 11:30~14:30 17:00~21:30(L.O.19:30)


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