【Ramen】 Ichibanboshi 【Heian Shrine】

Hi! Welcome to Machi's Taxi Restaurant Guide.

It is not strange to say that "ramen" could be considered as one of Japan's most well-known and well-liked national foods.

The noodle dish which originated in China has developed into various styles in Japan.

Because of the numerous ramen diners located throughout town and the enormous number of the varieties of ramen which can be found in these places, Kyoto can be said to be a "ramen-paradise".

So starting now, I am going to introduce to you several good ramen places.

The first one is "Ichibanboshi" which literally means "No.1 Star". (In Japanese, this name also has a reference to the planet "Venus".)

This diner serves one of the best types of ramen, and it comes with a light soup.
So for this reason, I don't recommend this place to people who prefer the rich broth ramen.

It seems that this soup is made from pork bones.
Whenever I visit here, I have a small talk with the owner, but I've never asked what this soup is made from.

It's generally understood that most ramen chefs are very cautious and sensitive about sharing details of the ingredients of their ramen dishes.

I have a group of regular customers from HongKong, and they always like to have ramen as their lunch.
I've taken them to several ramen diners, and this "Ichibanboshi" is their favorite place.

"Ichibanboshi" is on the east side of "Heian Shrine", and is a 5-minute walk away from there.

If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he’ll have no trouble taking you to this diner.

Taxi fare will be:
1520JPY from Kyoto station,
960JPY from the Kiyomizu temple.
The above prices are just my approximate guess.



Closed on Thursdays


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