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Good dashi (a broth used in Japanese food) is an integral part of Kyoto cuisine, since excellent dashi makes everything good.
The restaurant "Daruman" can boast about its tasty meals, made with their excellent dashi.

Although they have a buffet style lunch on the 1st floor, all the tables on the 1st floor were taken when we visited.

So, we sat on the 2nd floor which was a Japanese style room.

We found out that the view from the 2nd floor was really nice!
A canal can be seen through the window.

This is what I ordered.  "Oyako-don"-price 1000JPY.

Oyako-don is a very popular menu item throughout Japan.

"Oyako-don" literally means "Parents and kids-donburi".
Because chicken and eggs are put on top of rice, this meal was named "Oyakodon".

The melting-like texture of the half-heated eggs is so nice! ( Raw eggs in Japan are safe to eat.)

My wife ordered this.
"Tempura soba"-price 950JPY (Ebiten or "deep fried shrimp" on top of soba-noodle.)

A noodle dish is one of the best choices to savor the dashi.
Of course, I tried the soup a little, and I can vouch for it.

Daruman is a 5 minutes walk away from the Heian Shrine.
The entrance of "Daruman"

If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he’ll have no trouble taking you to this restaurant.

Taxi fare will be:
1280JPY from Kyoto station,
1040JPY from the Kiyomizu temple.
The above prices are just my approximate guess.



Closed irregularly (mainly on Mondays).
Open 11:00~15:30

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