Ono-tei 【inexpensive Donburi restaurant】

Hi! Welcome to Machi's Taxi Restaurant Guide.

Recently, I visited "Ono-Tei" which has various kinds of inexpensive Donburi.

Donburi literally means "a big bowl for rice".

In a restaurant, however, it means a kind of meal "something on top of rice in a Donburi bowl".

This time, I ordered this.
"Wagyu Stamina Don"-price 500JPY

Wagyu means Japanese Beef.

The chef uses  his own home-made oyster sause, and it's really nice.
I also assure you that raw eggs in Japan are really safe to eat.

At this restaurant, they have many kinds of Donburi, such as:

Seiyoufu Oyako Don(Western Style Chicken & Egg Donburi),
Maguro-zuke Don(Soy-sauce Dipped Tuna Donburi), and so on.

This chef has learnt Italian cooking, as well as Japanese.

This restaurant may look very small,  but there is also a Japanese room inside.

The next time, I think I will order "Butashabu Don"(Boiled thinly sliced pork Donburi).

I intend to come to this restaurant often to eventually try every kind of Donburi.

Ono-Tei 075-812-0435
Closed on Mondays

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If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he’ll have no trouble taking you to this restaurant.

Taxi fare will be:
1800JPY from Kyoto station,
1000JPY from the Golden Temple
The above prices are just my approximate guess.

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