Maisaka 【Unagi or broiled eel】

Hi! Welcome to Machi's Taxi Restaurant Guide.

The other day, my wife and I visited the restaurant "Maisaka" to enjoy eel for lunch

This restaurant is popular among local people.
They don't, however, seem to have many tourists as customers.

Because this restaurant stands near the wholesale market, the fish they serve is supposed to be very fresh.

On this visit, I ordered "Unaju"(broiled eel on top of rice).
They have four ranks of Unaju, depending on the size of eel: Special, Matsu, Take,and Ume.
"Special" is the biggest, and "Ume" is the smallest.

Incidently, Matsu, Take,and Ume are names of plants in Japanese.“Matsu” is “pine tree”, “take” is “bamboo”, and “ume” is “plum”.

I chose "Matsu"-price 2500JPY

Someday, I also want to try the "Special"- price 3500JPY.

My wife ordered "Kinshi Ju"(broiled eel with thinly sliced egg on top of the rice)-price 2000JPY

Afterwards, my wife said the eggs were sweet and tasty.

Eel is believed to be a good remedy for regaining vitality to your body, especially during the hot, humid summers in Japan.

You may think eating eel is eerie, but most western people I know who have tried it say that it's really tasty!
Now's your chance to try good quality eel in Japan!

Shop for take-out orders

Maisaka 075-313-3421
Open every day of the year, except New Years Day (January 1st).
They have a branch restaurant in the Kawaramachi area, too.

If you show this picture to your taxi driver in Kyoto, he’ll have no trouble taking you to this restaurant.

Taxi fare will be:
800JPY from Kyoto station,
640JPY from Toji temple.
The above prices are just my approximate guess.

Infomation about Machi's Taxi http://privatetour-kyoto.com/ehome.html


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